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Esther Day.

I am a nerdfighter, and for nerdfighters, August 3rd is a special day, as it commemorates the birthday of Eshter Earl, a fellow nerdfighter who died of cancer two years ago, and who was a large part of the nerdfighter community as well as being a close friend to John Green, co-founder of the Vlogbrothers.

Before her death, John asked Esther what she wanted Esther Day to be about, as he and his brother Hank would be willing to make videos on August 3rd about whatever she wanted, as a way of remembering her, and Esther's answer was "family and love".

Esther Day has been described as a Valentine's Day for platonic love, as the main focus of the day is to tell close friends and family that you love them, not romantic interests. Even though Esther was a nerdfighter, and even though Esther Day is celebrated primarily by nerdfighters, I think we should all think about the people we love, and tell them.

<i>“Esther Day is the day where we think, ‘Who do I love who I have trouble saying I love you to?’. Not some romantic interest, that’s just using Esther Day as an excuse to tell someone you love them, that you already want to tell them… no. I mean family, or platonic friends, which for me is even harder than family.”</i>


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